Road work ahead: county plans several projects with gas tax proceeds

The third round of funding for rural roads and bridges under the Rebuild Alabama program marks the largest amount Winston County has received yet.
The Winston County Commission approved the 2022 county transportation plan at the Monday, Aug. 30, commission meeting at $740,000.  The county has formerly received federal aid monies each year, to the tune of $500,000, but that funding required an 80/20 match, noted Winston County Road Engineer James Glasgow.  These funds also were exchanged each year between district 1 and 2, county officials noted.
When the state passed the gasoline tax hike, with that money earmarked for roads and bridges, the county instead received federal exchange monies  at about $400,000 a year as a separate figure from the same gas taxes, according to Glasgow. This allotment also is spent on roads, but does not require a match, he said.
This year, the additional $400,000 in federal aid monies will be applied to the county’s east side, under Winston County Commissioner Bobby Everett.

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